What's Inside

Say hello to your dog's new favorite snack! Pips Treats is made from the best plant ingredients, it provides great support for your dog's digestive health and is handmade with your dog's name on it. Our mission is to better your dog's digestion in a delicious and personal way. Take a sneak peak at what's inside our treats!

Why Peanut butter?
1. The protein, vitamin E, and healthy fat content in Peanut butter contribute to a full and shiny coat
2. Peanut butter contains higher levels of antioxidants
3. It can provide an energy boost to tired or lethargic dogs

    Why Pumpkin?
    1. The fiber and high in water content in Pumpkin has been shown to ease both constipation and diarrhea

    2. Pumpkin is packed with important nutrients, including beta-carotene, zinc, iron, vitamin A, E and C and potassium

    3. Along with helping to aid digestion, the fiber in pumpkin can also provide a feeling of fullness. This is useful is regulating weight in heavier dogs
    Why Chickpeas?
    1. Chickpeas help to regulate blood sugar, support eye health thanks to the Vitamin A content, and supports the immune system with Vitamins B and C

    2. Some dogs have sensitivities to grain, so our chickpea flour is a great alternative for dogs with tummy issues